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Clown Car: 7/13/23

Clown Car: 7/13/23


This week, we begin by talking about Twitter having just given me $1,700 for being such a successful influencer. Getting free money from a corporation isn’t something that happens every day, so it was a very pleasant surprise. This leads to a discussion about how each of us uses the platform and what the incentives of this profit-sharing model will mean for how Twitter functions in the future.

From there, we talk about Inez’s forthcoming report on what she thinks should be done about student loans. The approach preferred by the left has the problem of letting universities off the hook. Inez thinks it would be good policy and good politics for the right to tie forgiveness to the taxation of university endowments. This strikes me as being at the very least superior to what the Biden administration has been trying to do, and I could find myself supporting it based on the details.

Throughout the process, we talk about just how horrible the expansion of higher education has been for society, whether one is thinking about the economy, the labor market, family formation, or the culture more generally. The idea that college is simply bad has become a pretty standard belief among conservatives, and that’s something I’m glad to see. We’ll find if Inez’s proposal goes anywhere and potentially helps us do something about it.

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  • The message you get when Twitter decides to share ad revenue

  • My Tweet on NYT on student debt

  • Reuters on Biden’s new plan for student loan forgiveness

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