Isn’t this what Vivek Ramaswany’s whole campaign is about? Publicizing the easy anti-woke levers that can be pulled to incorporate doing so into the Republican platform? I think there’s reason to have hope in this arena.

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Yes it's true abortion rates are declining but it doesn't *feel* like a win for conservatives because it hasn't been accompanied with more families and children. It's mostly because out of wedlock birth are more socially acceptable, birth control is far more reliable and now sex itself is rarer. So few celebrate this.

In terms of an actual legislative agenda you really have to go back almost 30 years to something like 1996 Welfare Reform or the Crime Act of 1995 which ramped up mass incarnation of criminals to see anything that lòoks remotely like a Conservative victory. Reagan's tax cuts are even further in the rear view mirror.

A movement that hasn't made any important policy change.in decades is not really an effective political movement at all anymore but a angry detached cultural protest one.

Ok we can homeschool and carry guns more easily in our enclaves as the wealth, and cultural power centers of country grow more and more hostile to us.

But let no one think that this is what winning looks like.

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What do you think will happen to the Demoralized DIEvy League? Faculty and students there are 90%+ liberal, most of them far left. After graduation, they continue their long march through the corporations, media, government, NGOs, etc.

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This is absolutely ridiculous. The only reason home schooling is on the rise is because the left controls the major institutions so much that its basically impossible to stop them at this point so parenta just take their kids out of public schools or never put them there to begin with

The left controls every major institution from Hollywood, public school system, media, the fbi, the cia etc. hell even the military is going woke at this point. The conservatives bascially have nothing.

Yes tax cuts for corporations which many right wingers dont even care about is one thing conservatives have won on. Guns in some ways like you pointed out. However guns used to be allowed in school. they used to have gun clubs back in the day. They also didn't always have automatic gun bans or bump stock bans. guns are a mixed bag but I see even republicans starting to cave on gun rights and even supporting red flag laws. I wouldn't consider that a win.

Abortion the most recent win was just a reversal of a former loss. its not like there's a national ban on abortion. Its a stalemate.

Conservatives have lost on all the LGBT issues, so much so that now pedofillia is becoming next up for the left to normalize. Femenism is so normalized that many women refuse to have kids. The left has also steamrolled the right on bascially every racial and immigration issue which isn't just about a white majority. Much more to the topic than that. Conservatives have gotton their ass beat so bad time and time again that many have embraced moderate left wing views thinking these are right wing views. Not realizing the right wing view on the issue is so far outside the new ovetin window you cant even see it anymore. Not to mention the embracement of trans conservatives like Bruce Jenner, who killed someone btw but hey he's a trans conservative so who cares. What we have now is two socially left parties, one that wants less taxes and more guns and one that wants more taxes and less guns. With everything else fairy similar but one just being more moderate than the other on a given issue but neither fundimentally opposing each other on the given cultural issue. Its why I no longer vote republican because it's pointless. At least if the left dominates government they typically push the view point too far too fast and its rejected by most people. When conservatives are able to get into power in similar numbers all they do is slow it down which is worse because then it boils the frog and becomes normalized. Conservatives on most issues just do more harm than good. As someone once said Conservatism in America is just progressism driving at the speed limit and unfortunately that has become true. Im convinced the conservatives at the top dont even want to win.

the only way out is a parallel society and telling the federal government to fuck off we're doing what we want.

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The Supreme Court is set to rule in favor for conservatives in the SFFA v. Harvard case a few months from now. That'll be another victory. It is weird how little conservatives run on opposing affirmative action. Vivek Ramaswamy is the only candidate I can think of in recent times to make eliminating affirmative action a central part of his platform.

Also, one point about guns: gun rights were not seen as a conservative issue until recent decades. The NRA itself used to be in favor of gun control. And Ronald Reagan famously passed strict gun control laws when he was governor of California. Once conservatives did take it up as an important issue, then that's when the 2A victories started coming in.

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It's easy to parody this article as "if you ignore demography, culture, religion, house arrest for a cold, and leftist mobs burning down cities with the active support of the government whenever they want and just focus on some movement conservatism hobby horses plus tax cuts for liberal billionaires, then actually conservatives are winning', but there is a grain of truth here: abortion and guns should be carefully studied to understand under what circumstances the Right can win in a democracy. But there is a meta point that keeps flying over Richard Hananiah's head: the fact that the Right is retarded and spends all its time on dumb stuff isn't some factor that you can separate from the question of why the Right keeps losing in democracies, it is itself *a cardinal structural feature of democracy* and you can't fix it without replacing the system.

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Right is weak against race based stuff b/c a lot of the arguments around criticizing Dem policies require an explanation for why blacks lag behind in X area and many on the right are scared to even mumble culture let alone genetics. This taboo is older than the current culture war. The LGBT/grooming stuff I think it was just out of touch but political machine is in action against it now.

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When conservatives "win" it's often because the Left overplays their hand, not because the right is effective in pushing their agenda.

One of most destructive developments over the past 50 years has been the adoption by a large segment of the population of the "blank slate" mindset. When we incorrectly assume that all groups have equal interests and abilities, and then we observe unequal outcomes, we assume that the society must be systemically biased (racist, sexist). This fallacy has led to contempt for the country (and the West in general) among large swaths of the population who see us as deeply flawed. The young, many of whom have grown up in their parent's basement surfing the Web and absorbing Leftist nonsense instead of going outside and experiencing the real world, are particularly susceptible to this delusion. This sorry state of affairs effectively prepared the ground for wokism, which now defines the zeitgeist.

Coming back to my original point, If we are to pull out of this tailspin, it will be because the woke zealots self destruct, not because conservatives have a winning game plan.

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I have noticed two recurring features of the pessimistic conservative discourse.

1) The seemingly unstoppable growth of the administrative state. Over the long term, they haven't found a way to either reduce its scope or learn to live with it and make use of it. It is a kind of meta-problem which they have been losing for generations now. It is practically a "culture" issue inasmuch as the large administrative state has significant social implications.

2) The perceived decline in certain cultural norms, social institutions, and level of civic solidarity side by side with greater social atomization. I'm thinking of all the conservative writing centered on Tocqueville, as one example. (2) need not have a racial or religious focus of a crude "I miss an idealized white Christian America" faux-nostalgia. Increasingly it is about being willing to enforce basic norms of social order and decency.

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Regarding immigration, you say “some conservatives are just closet (or subconscious) white nationalists.” However, you miss the point that a major driver of immigration has been the belief that it will deliver the Democratic Party a permanent electoral majority. That’s part of the argument of Judis and Teixeira’s “The Emerging Democratic Majority”, from 2004. They take it as read that liberal, small-government attitudes are basically a white thing, so if the proportion of whites in the population reduces, the electoral appeal of these attitudes will also reduce - to the benefit of the Dems.

Back in 2013 Hal Paschler surveyed “U.S. Immigrants’ Attitudes Toward Libertarian Values”. He found that:

“… a marked pattern of lower support for pro-liberty views among immigrants as compared to US-born residents. These differences were generally statistically significant and sizeable, with a few scattered exceptions. With increasing proportions of the US population being foreign-born, low support for libertarian values by foreign-born residents means that the political prospects of libertarian values in the US are likely to diminish over time.”

He also found that, when Americans were offered a binary choice between smaller or larger government, an expansion of government was favoured by only 27% of Whites, but by 55% of Asians, 64% of Blacks, and 73% of Hispanics.

Obviously there are whites who love big government, and non-whites who don't. But the Dems have banked hard on the proposition that small government views aren’t evenly distributed across the world’s ethnic groups. They might turn out to be wrong about that. But if they’re right, their victory on demographics will overwhelm their opponents' victories on other matters.

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I think the failure to replicate successes on guns and abortion on questions of race and sex is because reform on the latter issues requires bulldozing things that are sacred cows among many more-or-less apolitical moderates and conservatives, in particular landmark civil rights laws that would have to be at least partially repealed. Doing this is a bit like trying to reform sex offender laws so 18 year olds who slept with 16 year olds aren't treated like pedophiles. Most people would agree it's reasonable if you described it to them, but when someone tries to pass the law and his opponent tars him as pro-pedophile, many of those people won't even bother to look into it enough to find out if it's true, and will vote on their visceral reaction, and that's probably enough to make even a perfectly reasonable reform politically dangerous. Civil rights laws are somewhat like that. They enjoy a degree of celebration across party lines that Roe. V. Wade and gun restrictions never did.

That may not justify a 'new politics,' whatever that means. It may just mean that race and sex issues are more likelt hopeless than other areas. I suspect the reason conservatives have focussed so much on LGBT issues is because they don't have the same historical 'baggage.' The very idea of transphobia is so new that there is much less of a visceral reaction to being considered a 'transphobe' compared to be considered a racist.

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How much of this idea’s recent prominence is Curtis Yarvin’s fault? “Cthulhu always swims left”, “You can only lose the culture war”, etc?

The most famous piece of writing I have personally read which espouses this idea was Michael Anton’s “Flight 93 Election”. I suspect, given what I have read about his associations with Yarvin, that he might have been influenced by him.

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Your comments onabortion are misleading. NO state has enacted a "full ban" on abortion. Every one of the 13 states you categorize this way allows abortion in life threatening cases and where the health of the mother may be compromised by damage to a major bodily function.

Frank Miceli

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The failure of conservatives to deal with gender issues the way they have dealt with guns and abortion is in no small part due to the fact that conservative success with regard to those two issues eats up all their political energy, if not their political capital. Guns and abortion are *hard.* Both are life and death issues, and the base has only so much energy to expend on absolute hard lines.

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this article is just a big wet dream. the white hating communists control the corporations all schools all alphabet govt agencies media movies tv sports cops all public services newspapers . gun owners biggest cowards and most heavily armed in world history do and did nothing. they cant even stand up to their wives. the right worships jews and blacks and all they really are about is israel. when players in NFL were kneeling they swore never to watch a game again that didnt last a few months. last 2 years broke all attendance and tv viewership records

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This is very poor analysis. The cultural issues are by far more important than tax policy. The fact of the matter is that our culture is collapsing with church attendance collapsing, teen depression skyrocketing, child abuse and mutilation becoming common, and crime skyrocketing. Educational attainment has fallen behind many Western countries, universities are corrupt hotbeds of an insane ideology, the media is totally corrupt and actively suppresses truth and advances lies with the collaboration of the deep state and big tech. The DOJ is being weaponized against honest patriotic americans. Local DA's are persecuting americans who defend themselves or purchase firearms. To claim that conservatives have "won" on any issue is really a big lie.

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