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The big flaw in this work-through-the-bureaucracy-to-reverse-the-Gleichschaltung argument is that the bureaucracy is the wokest institution of them all.

Even parts of the bureaucracy that aren't "woke" per se, like the FBI, zealously implement woke directives because their leaders' long-term promotional incentives are dictated by loyalty to the (untouchable and unfireable) liberal elite of the civil service, not the 50/50 probability of which party will be in power in the next 2-6 years. I don't think your work is complete without an analysis of this dynamic.

GOP agency leaders are like the Afghan transitional government. Democrats are the Taliban, the permanently ascendant guerrillas during temporary GOP occupations of DC, and impervious tyrants once they regain control. How else could wokeness propagate itself thru the government, even under very conservative / antiwoke GOP regimes.

Is it really because all Republicans are so stupid and weak, which while often accurate, seems to be your go-to crutch? Or do you think institutionalized bureaucratic insularity and untouchability might have something to do with it?

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