I’d submit that you keep your existing Substack price unchanged, start posting links on Twitter (paid) and keep posting links on Substack(paid). This opens new Twitter revenue for you and is a discount option for the Hanania-curious and leaves Substack for people who really want to support your writing. Also avoids the Substack prepaids (your biggest supporters) from feeling like they got a raw deal compared to the month to month “renters”.

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I’ll miss your links. They’re great but definitely not good enough to go on Twitter.

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Things are so complex! I didn't know you could subscribe to something on twitter.

I agree with the other poster who noted price issues. I pay $50 each on substack for the free press and a few others. Obviously it adds up, and I had trouble justifying $100/year.

I'm starting to realize I need to be even more careful about my time budget. I haven't solved that one yet.

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I'd love to subscribe and hear more, from you and several other writers.

But maybe (as a retiree), I'm financially challenged and I find the fee too high in comparison to my other options.

I pay annualy £85 for The Economist, £50 for The Spectator - and can get lots of long-fform stuff on Spotify for £180.

Approx £100 for one writer doesn't work for my budget.

I wonder how many more people you'd get if you or Substack could do a bucket deal. Sunscribe and choose say 10 writers?

Maybe the volume would increase the total take?

I guess most of your subscribers will be active professionals.

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I agree with this and it particularly makes sense where certain writers will have shared audiences. There are not many who can sensibly justify subs to 5 or more different writers at ~$10 a pop.

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What about those of us who are annual subscribers but don’t have twitter?

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Sorry, maybe consider getting twitter? It’s actually a great product despite what people say.

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