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Great article (or conversation, whatever) as always.

I had two negative thoughts, though:

1. I don’t want to hold people accountable. I’m sick of holding everyone accountable. It’s become witch burning by another name. Just state your case and stop gloating over your fallen enemies.

2. Yes, everyone means “Twitter reflects only the opinions of elite urban rich liberals” when they say “Twitter isn’t real life”. The first formulation, though, is infinitely more meaningful than the second - the thing they “really mean” is more important than what they’re actually saying.

From the standpoint of someone not on social media at all but forced to read it because guys like you link to it constantly: these interactions that you treasure seem to be deeply infected by this. Twitter never ventures outside of a bizarre Twitter only Overton window except to argue about the window itself and its fairness. That matters.

I’m at a bar and drinking, so yeah. Not sure this is making sense. Anyway, love the Substack.

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To be honest RH, I love your blog but I had to unsubscribe from your Twitter. Your blog has a dry, matter of fact style, while Twitter jumps straight to moral/aesthetic judgements. Not that your blog doesn't moralize, it's just that you tend to lay the facts out first and let readers connect the dots.

For example, in the "Russia as the Great Satan" blog post, you never actually say that homosexuality is disgusting, but we can deduce it. But on Twitter, you'll skip the subtlety and go straight to complaining about gay airline stewards forcing you to wear masks.

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Actually Twitter SHOULDNT be real life. Unfortunately it is. I don’t understand why people use Twitter for political info. Read a book

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"It’s a good time to revisit a thread I put together last year on why the pro-life movement has been an exception to the rule that conservatives lose everything, or at least everything having to do with culture war issues"

The link seems not to go to the right thread.

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As I am about five day behind.. in all things "COMPUTER" and also tried to change my photo on substack.. I AGREE and soon as I fix my computer(s)... and laptop.. I will get back on Twitter: my only main objection is that Twitter is commentary on REAL LIFE: I was talking a good friend the other, Rex who is a computer expert and we both talked about when did TWITTER BECOME a LEGAL MEANS of communicating LEGAL BUSINESS? It is not legal to communicate LEGAL COMMUNIQUES which stand up in a court of Law unless that was changed somewhere the arcane law books.. which were written by the Pilgrims in a back room somewhere. YEAH. .. you get what I mean.. tongue in cheek. I have spent years in court for various reasons.. trust and estate, filing personal suits.. etc and NOTHING IN THE COURTROOM was settled on TWITTER: a judge's final ruling was issued in writing to all parties in a final settlement. LOVE YOUR POST I WILL BE BACK ON SUBSTACK LATER IN THE WEEK.. :) Izzy.

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