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I believe that modern polygamy is a result of the neurosis of modern man, which stems from the widespread epidemic of "puer aeternus" (or "puela aeternus"). With its unavoidable consequences: an inflated ego and a constant avoidance of one's own self. There is in a "new relationship" a false sense of hope that comes with the idea of "perpetual new beginnings" and a "new life". Only to find the same patterns of behaviour, leading to the same problems.

A similar form of avoidance is frequent traveling or moving, and both of these behaviors ignore the fact that true change comes from within and that we often project our own unconscious hopes and expectations onto our partners and others.

In reality, this is lack of responsibility and self-awareness, as people seek salvation in external sources and blame others for their own failures. For them the problem is always *outside*. It's only natural that the solution is also *outside*. But I guess that the "puer aeternus" epidemic is likely a much larger issue that is closely tied to the woke psychology with its obsession to find the evil in *others* and to *save others*, even by force if necessary.

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