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Better Call Saul: S6E12, Waterworks

Better Call Saul: S6E12, Waterworks


I talk to Chris Nicholson about the second-to-last episode of Better Call Saul. Much of our conversation centers around the way the show portrays “normies.” Chris thinks that the vision presented is most likely a negative one, while I argue that the show has a rare conservative realism that recognizes actual distinctions between individuals and groups. This involves a discussion regarding how criminals and upper class professionals are portrayed by way of contrast. Chris is happy that Better Call Saul still manages to pleasantly surprise us, as he sees a shift from its generally pessimistic outlook of human nature towards at least one redemptive story arc.

The normie question leads to some interesting places, including philosophical disagreements we have regarding what most people should or can be expected to be capable of, and a debate over Chris’ IQ, with him taking the perspective that it is low and me disagreeing.

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Listen or watch the video here.

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