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The Anti-Hero Goes Soft

The Anti-Hero Goes Soft

Rob Henderson on Deadwood, Season 2

Rob is back to talk about Deadwood, this time through the end of Season 2.

We discuss Al’s development, comparing it to that of Tolliver. We also spend a strange amount of time on whether white actors can still say the N-Word, a debate that we do not settle here.

Al Swearengen

Rob and I also discuss the show evolving from one about personalities to a political thriller.

One thing we both love about Deadwood is how it avoids sugarcoating life in an earlier era. Rob mentions that the women get their dresses dirty while walking about, something I hadn’t noticed before. The scenes of illness, death, and even Al pissing in his chamberpot serve as reminders of the hard realities of existence before modern amenities. We talk about ways that the show might even go further, and what we are looking forward to seeing in the final season and movie.

See our previous conversation here. Listen to our latest discussion here, or watch it on YouTube.

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