Nov 23, 2022 • 1HR 11M

Woke as Politics and as a Personality Type

Review of The White Lotus, Season 2: Episodes 1-4

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Richard Hanania
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Rob Henderson joins me on the podcast to discuss The White Lotus, Season 2: episodes 1-4.

I explain why I think the show is too similar to the first season. Rob goes into its portrayal of the neurotic liberal white lady, and whether she is vindicated or not regarding her suspicion that seemingly happy people are actually miserable.

The White Lotus
Pretty, neurotic, dour, and liberal. Source.

I make the case for a kind of right-wing maximalist interpretation of the show this season with regards to its view on relations between the sexes. We end by speculating on where the show goes from here, and which of the characters will die.

For me, the first few episodes were particularly interesting, although the parallels to last season have started to bother me more and more as time has gone on. Nonetheless, there is enough that’s new for the show to remain compelling, particularly the Harper character, who is very attractive and, although she’s a liberal white lady and a civil rights lawyer of all things, aspires to be something better. I look forward to the last three episodes, which I’ll have Rob back on again to talk about in a few weeks.

See here for our discussion of Season 1 last year. This podcast is also available in video form on YouTube.