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New Book: Public Choice Theory and the Illusion of Grand Strategy

Review of Patton (1970)

Review of Patton (1970)

The "Thucydides Trap" Does Not Explain Geopolitics

Reflections on 2021

US Foreign Policy as a "Big, Dumb Machine"

America as a "Phantom Empire"

The Problems with Anti-Wokeness

The Weirdness of Government Variation in COVID-19 Responses

The Problem with White Male Liberalism

All in Our Genes

Liberals Read, Conservatives Watch TV

American Versus Korean Poverty

Review of Parasite (2019)

Wokeness as Saddam Statues: The Case of the Tesla Elevator Operator

The Sopranos Goes Woke

Review of White Lotus (2021)

Rationality Requires Incentives: An Interview with Steven Pinker

NYT Article: Save Expertise from the Experts

Futarchy: Robin Hanson on How Prediction Markets Can Take over the World

Review of The Chair, and Criticisms of the Afghan Withdrawal as Pro-War Propaganda

Review of The Chair

Tetlock and the Taliban

Review of Nobody (2021)

Collection of Afghanistan Content

Flying X-Wings into the Death Star: Andreessen on Investing and Tech

Transcript of Eureka Podcast

Eureka Podcast on Feminization

Me on The Hill TV on COVID Restrictions

Are COVID Restrictions the New TSA?

Are COVID Restrictions the New TSA?

New Podcast with Rob Henderson on TV and Pop Culture

What Made The Sopranos Unique?

Media Appearances on Cuba, Afghanistan, China

Governments Have a Right to Ban Critical Race Theory, But It Doesn't Matter if They Do

Governments Have a Right to Ban Critical Race Theory, But It Doesn't Matter if They Do

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Audio Substack: New Subscription Service

Podcast with Razib Khan, 6/19/21

Appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight

The Hill TV on Woke Institutions

The Myths of World War II

Newsweek Article on Tulsa Massacre

Woke Institutions is Just Civil Rights Law

The Hill Appearance on US/China Relations

Why Most China Analysis is Just Cope

Trump 2024 Talk

UFOs Aren't Real

Predictions, Spring 2021

Freedom House, Woke Imperialists

Join Me on Clubhouse Tonight

More Media on Woke Institutions

Media Appearances on Woke Institutions

2016: The Turning Point

Why is Everything Liberal?

On the Afghanistan Withdrawal

Biden Leaving Afghanistan

The Dishonest Trans Women in Sports Debate

Suez Canal Blockage and B.1.1.7

Why the US Should Leave Iraq and Syria

Racial Politics, and Why Conservatives Always Lose

Op-ed on Tucker v. Military

Updates on CSPI, op-eds

CSPI Report on Academic Freedom

Media Appearances on Afghanistan Withdrawal

Bastiat Society Talk on China

Discussion with Zach Goldberg

Happy Inauguration Day

Capitol Hill Craziness