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Comedy and Politics, Zero-Sum Thinking, Flying Cars, and More

Sam Bankman-Fried, Racial Politics, and Dirty Cops

Reflections on 2022

Links and Best of Twitter, 12/16/22

Monogamy as Dysfunction

Links and Best of Twitter, 12/9

The DeSantis Revolution

Bisexual Classical Liberalism

Conservatism as an Oppositional Culture

Links and Best of Twitter, 12/2/22

Steelmanning Support for Ukraine

How Monogamy and Incest Taboos Made the West

Woke as Politics and as a Personality Type

Gerontocracy Versus Western Civilization

Links and Best of Twitter, 11/18/22

Video and Transcript: How Does the War in Ukraine End?

How Does the War in Ukraine End?

The Overman Cuts People off in Traffic

True Crime as Prole Entertainment

Video: True Crime as Prole Entertainment

Election Takes and Links, 11/11/22

Abortion as the Affirmative Action of the Right

Links and Best of Twiter, 11/4/22

Republicans as the Lesser of Two Evils

New Subscriber Chat

2022 Midterm Predictions

Occam's Razor and Serial Killers

Video: Occam's Razor and Serial Killers

Links, 10/28/22

Kidney Markets and Gender-Affirming Care

Should We Talk about Serial Killers?

Video: Should We Talk about Serial Killers?

Iran and the Hopelessness of Social Conservatism

Video: The Impact of Winter, and Iranian Drones and Missiles

The Impact of Winter, and Iranian Drones and Missiles

A Psychological Theory of the Culture War

Links, 10/21/22

Video/Transcript: Could China Conquer Taiwan?

Could China Conquer Taiwan?

Links, 10/14/22

Please Don't Call Me "Heterodox"

Links, 10/7/22

Why Gender Ideology Can’t Survive Elon

HIMARS as Miracle Weapons

The Year of Fukuyama

Links, 9/30/22

Why I'm Suing the Federal Government over PredictIt

The Problem with Polling Might Be Unfixable

Links, 9/23/22

The Threat of Nuclear Escalation is Increasing

Affirmative Action as a Magic Bullet

Links, 9/16/22

Saying Goodbye to Twitter

A Conversation with Tyler

How Reagan Almost Crushed Wokeness

Does Immigration Threaten Western Civilization?

How I Overcame Anxiety

Survey Results III: Birth Order Effects

Redemption...or Not? Marc Andreessen and Chris Nicholson on Better Call Saul

Prison Politics and Casting Real People as TV Characters

Survey Results II: Likes and Dislikes

Better Call Saul: S6E12, Waterworks

Better Call Saul: S6E11, Breaking Bad

Survey Results I: Basic Demographics and Politics

Better Call Saul: S6E10, Nippy

Nietzschean or Christian? Marc Andreessen on Breaking Bad and Saul

Better Call Saul: S6E9, Fun and Games

Lessons on How to Fix Academia

Male and Female Competition

Better Call Saul: S6E8, Point and Shoot

Richard Hanania Newsletter Survey

Passing the Bechdel Test

Finally, Real Money

Sports, Dating, Happiness, Data

Thoughts on Epistemology and Rising Appearance

How to Use Civil Rights Law to End Mask Mandates

Sexuality, Nationalism, and What to Teach Kids

A Feminist Allegory?

The Northman

Plan and Execution

Better Call Saul: S6E7, Plan and Execution

Why Do I Hate Pronouns More Than Genocide?

Podcast Housekeeping

Talking Saul

The Breaking Bad Universe

Actually, Twitter is Real Life

Plutocracy: The Alternative to Caesarism?

The Politics of Generation, Race, and Class in France

UT Austin Event, Book Reviews, and Michael Tracey Podcast

Ask Me Anything 1, 4/14/22

The Law that Banned Everything

Why You Should Be on Substack

Appearance on the Russell Brand Podcast

You Should Have Kids

New Appointment and Ask Me Anything

Is Wokeness a Paper Tiger?

How to Think about the "Current Thing"

Assimilation, Football, Affirmative Action, and IQ Outliers

Why Forecasting War is Hard

Yes, We Understand You Hate Putin. That Won't End the War.

Lessons from Forecasting the Ukraine War

Lunar Society Appearance and the Case Against Antitrust

Why a Multipolar World Will Be More Humane

Appearance on Tucker, 2/14/22

The Future of Humanity Is IVF Babies and Chinese Domination

Why Conservative Elites Make for Better TV: A Discussion on Succession

Why Conservative Elites Make for Better TV: A Discussion of Succession

Women's Tears Win in the Marketplace of Ideas

Podcast Appearances, Responding to Critics, and Why a Russian Invasion Is Likely

Thinking about Influence in DC

Russia as the "Great Satan" in the Liberal Imagination

The Wright Show, and Interview with Freddie deBoer

Hanania, Caplan, Razib in TX, January 19

Fertility as the Final Boss in Chinese Development, and Richard Hanania Prediction Markets

Breaking Points Appearance