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Understanding the Tech Right

Your Favorite Writers Aren't "Brave"

Clown Car: 6/1/23

Best of Twitter, 5/31/23

The LGBT Dialectic

The Cuttlefish Strategy

Clown Car: 5/25/23

Ron Unz Confronts the Far Right

Speech to the Yale Federalist Society

The Triumph of the Girlboss?

Interracial Crime and “Perspective”

The Case Against (Most) Books

My Plan to Slow Down Aging

The Biomechanics of Trumpism

Anti-Woke as Autism

The Old School Reformer's Case for Privatizing Education

Towards an Enlightened Centrism

The Talking Head to Fascism Pipeline?

AMA on "Liberals Read, Conservatives Watch TV"

Fat Shaming and Free Will

Substack Notes as High-Quality Twitter

Why Women Rebel against Pro-Life

Robert Trivers, Stalin, and the Dark Side of Idealism

Twitter Subscriptions and New Substack Price

How to Be an Intellectual

SCOTUS Must Go for the Heart of the Race State

Deepfakes Will Make the Establishment Stronger

The Nietzschean Nostalgia of Logan Roy

Conservatives Win All the Time

Interpreting Data, Sympathizing with AI, Nietzschean Maoism, etc

The March of Civilization

The East Asian Package

Why Labor Unions Are Immoral

So Long to Deadwood

Pinker on Alignment and Intelligence as a "Magical Potion"

Want to Be Friends?

The Midwit Meme and the Denial of Tradeoffs

Robin Hanson Says You're Going to Live

The Invisible Graveyard of Crime

The Anti-Hero Goes Soft

How I Changed My Mind on Social Media and Teen Depression

Monogamous Pimps?

Giant Animals, IQ Threshold Effects, Putin Gives Up on Nukes, and More

Comments on "Can a Paperclip Maximizer Overthrow the CCP?"

Selling a Positive Culture War Message

Why EA Will Be Anti-Woke or Die

French Anti-Wokeness as a Second Best Solution

Can a Paperclip Maximizer Overthrow the CCP?

Hitler, Demi Moore, and Other "Pedophiles"

PredictIt Lives, Unz Vs. Anti-Vaxx, Pagan Morality, etc.

Thread on "Why the Media is Honest and Good"

How to Legalize Prediction Markets

Subscriber Thread on the Media and UATX Event

Why the Media is Honest and Good

Understanding Western Exceptionalism

The Most Evil Contemporary Philosophy, Paranoid Readers, and Trading with Ants

Man Needs Sex and Violence, Not Top-Down "Meaning"

Canadian Euthanasia as Moral Progress